Varun Dhawan was spotted with father David Dhawan for the first time after becoming a father to a daughter, the grandfather’s reaction won the hearts of fans.

New Delhi:

Fans of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan got good news yesterday. Indeed, the actor’s wife Natasha Dalal has given birth to a daughter in Mumbai. After this, he was seen outside the hospital with his father David Dhawan, while the happiness on his face was worth seeing. At the same time, he has also confirmed the news of a daughter joining the Dhawan family. Apart from this, Varun Dhawan’s mother and sister-in-law are also seen outside the hospital. Fans are seen congratulating him.

In the video that came out, grandfather David Dhawan has a baby girl. has confirmed the news by saying.

Apart from this, Varun Dhawan’s mother and sister-in-law were also seen outside the hospital. He was seen thanking the paparazzi when they congratulated him.

Notably, the couple shared a post announcing the pregnancy in February, in which Varun Dhawan was seen kissing wife Natasha’s baby bump. The actor wrote in the caption, We are pregnant. You need love and blessings. However, fans are waiting for Varun Dhawan’s official post.

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