VIDEO: Abdul Razak, who made a controversial statement on Aishwarya Rai, apologized, said- My tongue slipped...- CMB College

VIDEO: Abdul Razak, who made a controversial statement on Aishwarya Rai, apologized, said- My tongue slipped…

Abdul Razak apologized to Aishwarya Rai Former Pakistan all-rounder Abdul Razak landed in controversy on Tuesday when he set a bad example by naming Indian actress Aishwarya Rai, questioning the intentions of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Indian fans were very angry with him after his statement went viral. Now shamed by his statement, Razak has apologized. Razak says his tongue slipped, he had no such intention. Let us tell you that the former players of his country have also criticized him on this statement of Abdul Razak.

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Apologizing for the bad statement about Aishwarya Rai on Sam TV, Abdul Razak said, ‘Yesterday in the press conference there was talk of cricket, there was talk of coaching and there was talk of intention. My tongue slipped and I wanted to give another example, but Aishwaryaji’s name slipped out of my mouth. I apologize and this was not my intention. I wanted to give another example, but it slipped out of my mouth. I apologize.

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Let us tell you that during the show during which Abdul Razak made this controversial statement about Aishwarya Rai, former cricketers like Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul were present. Everyone was seen laughing at Razak’s comment. However, Shahid Afridi later backtracked and said ‘I didn’t know I didn’t understand.’

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Afridi now gave his clarification on this issue and said, ‘We were sitting on the stage and Razak said something. Razak spoke and I couldn’t understand… I was laughing anyway. I know he has a mic in his hand so he has to talk to someone. Trust me, people there were laughing too… When I came home, someone shared the clip with me and told me what he said. So when I listened intently as Razak said this, I started laughing on stage, then I felt very strange. This was a bad joke, such a joke should not be made.

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Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also condemned Razak’s statement saying, ‘No woman should be insulted like this.’

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