Video: BJP MP fainted during group photo session in Parliament, now he is fully recovered

A BJP MP fainted during a photo session in Parliament

Today is the last day of the old Parliament House. There was a photo session going on before leaving the Parliament House which preserves 75 years of parliamentary history. PM Narendra Modi and MPs were also present in this photo session. Meanwhile something happened that worried everyone. In fact, BJP MP Narhari Amin fainted during a group photo session of MPs. Everyone stopped in the middle of the photo session and started looking at him. He was brought back to consciousness by splashing water. However, now he is fine and part of the photo session. This information was given by news agency ANI.

The BJP MP fainted during the photo session

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MP Narhari Amin is now fully healthy

Narahari Amin is a BJP MP from Gujarat. He was also present at Parliament House to participate in a photo session but suddenly he fainted. As soon as his health improved, he participated in photo sessions again. In fact, today we will say goodbye to the Parliament building built 96 years ago and enter the new Parliament building. A photo session of all the MPs was done there before leaving the old parliament building. In the meantime, the BJP MPs of Gujarat fainted. After the photo session, the MPs of both houses gathered in the central hall. At 11 am, all the MPs will enter the new parliament building with PM Narendra Modi. The moment of leaving the old Parliament will be very emotional.

The new parliament building will be entered today

On the special occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the work in the new Parliament House will start from today on September 19. This was announced during a special session at Old Parliament House on September 18. Let us inform you that the special session of Parliament, which will last for five days, has started from Monday. Today is the second day of the special session and today is also the day to say goodbye to the old Parliament and move into the new Parliament. PM Modi got very emotional while addressing the old parliament yesterday. He recalled the old Prime Ministers of the country and also mentioned the 75-year parliamentary journey.

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