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Video: Fan’s Selfie Attempt Costs, Nana Patekar Slaps Him and Chases Him

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A nine-second video of famous actor Nana Patekar during the shooting of a film in Varanasi city went viral on social media on Wednesday. He is seen busy shooting. Meanwhile, a young fan approaches her and asks her to take a selfie. At this Nana Patekar slaps him, meanwhile another member of the film unit grabs him by the throat and drags him away. People are making different comments about this video. However, ‘Hindustan’ does not confirm this video.

Film actor Nana Patekar is in Varanasi for the shooting of Journey. On Tuesday, he shot near Dashashwamedh Ghat. The viral video is said to be from the same time. In the video, it is seen that Nana Patekar is busy shooting. At the same time, a boy comes very close to them with a phone in his hand and tries to take a selfie by raising the phone. Seeing this, Nana Patekar gets angry and slaps the fan hard and chases it away. Then another member of the unit standing near him grabbed the fan by the throat and pushed him away. In the video, Nana Patekar is seen getting angry with the fans.

After this video went viral on social media, some people called it a fan’s mistake and some even called Nana Patekar wrong. People said that if someone harasses you like that in the middle of work, that’s what should happen to him. At the same time, social media users who slammed Nana Patekar said that the boy could have been stopped from taking the selfie without raising his hand. Some users wrote that fans should not go to see the film of an actor who insults in this way.

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