VIDEO: Shopkeeper cleans pan with broom to make dosa, people get reactions like this- CMB College

VIDEO: Shopkeeper cleans pan with broom to make dosa, people get reactions like this

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Viral Video: Who doesn’t love the South Indian dish Dosa? People love dosa, sambar and coconut chutney. Although a South Indian dish, Dosa is famous across the country. You will find his shop at every distance. Now a video of dosa being served in one such shop is going viral. The video is from a cafe in Bengaluru, where a shopkeeper is seen cleaning the pan to make dosa with a broom.

In this video posted on Facebook, it is seen that the pan was first cleaned with water through a pipe and then cleaned with a broom. After this, dosas were made on it. After the video went viral, people are asking why a broom was used to clean the leaves? However, the size of the pan in the video is quite large and this may be the reason why a broom is used to clean it properly.

Long queues of people are also seen in the video to eat dosa. So far it has been viewed more than 1.5 crore times, while it has been liked by 1 lakh 19 thousand people. At the same time, more than nine thousand comments have been made on this video. The video was posted on Facebook with the caption Crowd for Hi-Tech Dosa in Bengaluru.

Expressing his concern, a user said please don’t use the broom. We know you want to improvise, but you can opt for a custom-made brush. Isn’t it fun to see brooms, toothbrushes, toilet brushes and wipers used for cooking? Certain tools are made for specific purposes. Another user joked, “This is so high-tech, I hope the broom isn’t used to clean the floor after the restaurant closes.” When the third user said I want to use this kind of dosa. Eating due to cleaning the pan with a broom.Spreading so much oil and spices used to irritate me a lot.

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