Warning to Indian players ahead of Asian Games 2023, take special care of these things

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Indian athletes have been warned for the Asian Games 2023 to be held from September 23 to October 8 in Hangzhou, China. The 651-member team will travel to the neighboring country for the tournament and earlier the Sports Authority of India i.e. SAI has informed the Indian team what they should not do and what they can do after going to China. SAI has prepared a Dos and Don’t module for these games.

If reports are to be believed, Indian athletes will be booked for ‘inappropriate hand/finger gestures’, ‘misbehavior or engaging in fights with spectators or citizens’ and ‘unsportsmanlike conduct in public places’ during their stay in China for the commencing Asian Games. At the end of this month. But there is a warning against winking or whistling because ‘disrespecting the culture and traditions of the host country can get them into trouble’.

A 39-page playbook has been prepared for the Asiad, which outlines what players and support staff need to keep in mind. The rule book accessed by TOI has three sections, including one on Getting Ready for Hangzhou, Just Don’t Dope and Press and Media. It also provides information on how to travel to the Sports Village and what kind of facilities there will be.

Team India won the match, but the 20-year-old did not get a break in the entire match.

There are still 10 days left for the Games to begin, but from now on players will have to follow all the rules. Athletes are also taught how to respond to touchy questions such as political and social issues. Athletes have also been asked to refrain from misinterpreting the country’s flag or symbols or making false statements.

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