When Amitabh Bachchan wanted to quit Bollywood, this 1973 film saved his career, then Big B became an angry man.


This hesitation arose because of Amitabh’s continuous flops at the box office before Zanjeer. Salim Khan mentioned that the series of failures of Amitabh’s earlier films was mainly due to the quality of the films rather than the actor. He recognized Amitabh’s acting talent, impressive voice and charismatic personality. This was the time when Amitabh was on the verge of leaving the film industry. If we are to believe Salim Khan was also new, he was a good actor with good voice and personality. The rest of the films failed because they were bad films, usually the actors have to take the blame for this. About 11 of his films were flops and then he decided to leave the industry.

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