When producers called Amitabh Bachchan a constipated actor, threw him out of the studio; Shekhar Suman said

It is said that nothing is known about the life of the actors of the film industry. You never know who will become a superstar from a flop star and who will become a flop from a superstar. Now Shekhar Suman spoke about the times in Amitabh Bachchan’s career when his films did not do well. Shekhar recounted how some producers at the time called Big B a constipated actor. Let’s find out what the whole matter is.

Shekhar talked about Big B

Talking about the failure of his son Adhyayan Suman’s career, Shekhar said, I was listening to an interview of Bachchan sahib in which he said that his 13-14-15 films were flops in the first few years. Some directors at that time called him a constipated actor.

Shekhar continued, I know this very well because Shashi Kapoor told me. He said there were some producers who couldn’t do without him, then people there would say hey this constipated actor has come to ask for work again. Take out, who let in? All India Radio dismissed him because he thought his voice was bad. Some said his voice was not good while some said he was too loud.?

When Big B narrated

Shekhar further narrated Big B’s worst story and said, ‘One day he came from the studio and was sitting in the car. His parents were sitting behind him. A person came there and abused them by breaking the window glass. He said have you seen your face? Go back where you came from.’ Shekhar said that if someone was in such a position, he would have left the film industry, but Bachchan Sahib did not budge. He had faith in himself. Bachchan is the big star of the country and will continue to be.

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