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When the Pakistani cricketer tried to convert Brian Lara, he got a jaw-dropping response

New Delhi. Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq is in much discussion on social media. Many such videos of him are going viral in which he talks about conversion. Recently he also said about Harbhajan Singh that he wants to convert his religion. Now in a video he is saying that former Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Yousuf Yohana wanted to convert the legendary West Indies cricketer Brian Lara.

Inzamam-ul-Haq said, “Our Test match was once being held in Karachi. Mohammad Yusuf was part of our team. We invited Brian Lara to treat. An elderly Sheikh Hasim Sahib of Karachi organized the feast. Told him how we believe in Allah. How they live their lives, how they raise their children, how they serve their parents, how they care for their neighbors. Tell them everything. Hearing this, Brian Lara fell silent.

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Inzamam continued, “Then he (Brian Lara) says that this is really how life should be lived. They say this is how our lives should be. Then one day when he was going back to the hotel he asked Muhammad Yunus where such a Muslim lived. Who is he who lives his life like this? What Lara meant was that she was not seeing such Muslims.

Inzamam claimed about Harbhajan

A video of Inzamam is going viral in which he is saying about Indian players, “Indian players were not offering Namaz but listening to Maulana. Harbhajan Singh was so moved by her words that he wanted to be like her. However, Harbhajan Singh dismissed it as complete nonsense and instructed Inzamam to speak his mind.

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