When will Delhi get relief from pollution? The air in the capital is still 'very bad'- CMB College

When will Delhi get relief from pollution? The air in the capital is still ‘very bad’

Delhi’s air remains bad (File Photo)

New Delhi:

Delhi’s climate is still not improving. The pollution level (Delhi Air Pollution) does not seem to be reducing at present. Even today, the air quality index in the capital remains in the ‘very poor’ category. A layer of fog can be seen everywhere. In Haryana and Punjab, stubble burning is considered to be the main cause of pollution in Delhi. Bursting of firecrackers on Diwali has further increased the level of pollution.

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Delhi’s air is still in the ‘very bad’ category. However, there has been a reduction in pollution today as compared to Wednesday. On Wednesday, the capital’s air was in the critical category, but today it has been recorded as slightly less than critical but very bad.

Delhi’s air was ‘severe’ on Wednesday

The Air Quality Index (AQI) recorded daily at 4 pm in the national capital was 401 on Wednesday while it was 397 on Tuesday. AQI was 358 on Monday and 218 on Sunday, 220 on Saturday, 279 on Friday and 437 on Thursday. Neighboring Ghaziabad (AQI 378), Gurugram (297), Greater Noida (338), Noida (360) and Faridabad (390) also recorded very poor air quality.

Steps are being taken to control the pollution

An AQI between zero and 50 is ‘good’, 51 to 100 ‘satisfactory’, 101 to 200 ‘moderate’, 201 to 300 ‘poor’, 301 to 400 ‘very poor’, 401 to 450 between 450 and ‘ever’. is considered. Above 450 is considered ‘extremely severe’. Despite several stringent measures taken by the Delhi government to control pollution, including construction in the city and a ban on entry of diesel-powered trucks, Delhi’s air quality has deteriorated over the past few days.

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