“Whether you win the trophy or not, don’t lose to India,” Mohammad Rizwan reveals message from ex-PCB chairman

Pakistan defeated India in the World Cup during the 2021 T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. This was the first occasion in the T20 World Cup, when Pakistan defeated India for the first time in the T20 World Cup. Before this match, India had won all the matches against Pakistan in the World Cup (ODI and T20). However, in 2021, the Pakistani bowlers led by Shaheen Afridi broke the back of the Indian batting order. Shaheen Afridi took the wickets of KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma and then captain Virat Kohli. India set Pakistan a target of 152 runs to win and Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan ensured that the Pakistani team achieved the target without losing a single wicket. Pakistan won the match two overs ago.

Pakistan captain Babar scored 68 runs off 52 balls while Rizwan remained unbeaten on 79 runs off 55 balls. However, Kohli’s unbeaten innings of 82 gave India their revenge a year later by defeating Pakistan by four wickets during the T20 World Cup in Australia. The two teams will meet once again in the T20 World Cup on June 9 and before that, Rizwan recalled the pre-match circumstances and revealed the then PCB chairman’s advice to the players. Rizwan revealed that Ramiz told the Pakistani players to win the match against India no matter what.

“We had never beaten India before (in the World Cup). Ramiz Raja met us and said, you have to beat India. When he first came (as PCB chairman),” Rizwan said at an event in Dallas. There was still a lot of time left in the World Cup, but then as we got closer to the World Cup, he said, whether you win the trophy or not, India will not give up, or don’t bow to pressure and then pressure us.”

Rizwan also revealed that since it was his first chance to face India on the global stage, he did not realize the significance of that result until after the match. Rizwan said, “India vs Pakistan always comes with pressure. People may not watch all the matches in the tournament, but it is a match that everyone sits down to watch, no matter which country they are from at the time. Matthew Hayden with him. He took me and the captain in his arms and asked how we were feeling, the captain said that we had worked hard and now we left everything in God’s hands.

Mohammad Rizwan added, “It was all a first for me, whether it was playing in a World Cup or such a big match. So I was feeling quite normal, I don’t think it was any different from any other match. But when we won I realized that if I went shopping somewhere, I stopped going out for shopping because they didn’t want money from us. They were praising us for beating India.

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