While Sunny Deol smashed his friend's head with a shot, Tara Singh loved playing cricket with hard balls.- CMB College

While Sunny Deol smashed his friend’s head with a shot, Tara Singh loved playing cricket with hard balls.

Sunny Deol shared an interesting incident during street cricket

New Delhi:

The whole world is currently in the craze of the Cricket World Cup. India has a different color in this tournament. Our country is hosting the Cricket World Cup. Throughout this tournament, India has won all the tournaments till now riding on its invincible chariot. Team India is at the top with nine consecutive wins. In such a scenario, the ICC Cricket World Cup semi-final match between India and New Zealand on November 15 is sure to be interesting. Under the leadership of Rohit Sharma, the Indian team will go for another victory. Along with this, New Zealand has also reached the semi-finals by winning 5 matches. In such a situation, everyone’s eyes are fixed on the victory of their favorite team. While people are engrossed in the magic of the World Cup on one hand, on the other hand even celebrities have not been able to separate themselves from the memories of cricket. Recently our Sunny Deol also recalled his old cricket days. During an interview, Sunny Deol said a very interesting thing.

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While Tara Singh’s friend was injured while trying to take the shot
While talking to Mashable India, Sunny Deol recalled his old cricket days and said that he used to play street cricket very fondly. At that time, local boys used to play cricket together in the street and it was a lot of fun. Sunny Deol recalled that once in the same street cricket, his friend’s hair fell on his head and he was injured. He said that he used to use hard cricket balls for matches. He never played cricket with a rubber ball. Sunny said that the rubber ball cannot be controlled. That is why we used to play with a hard cricket ball and once while trying to make a shot this hard ball accidentally hit his friend on the head.

Rebellion Sunny Deol has dominated Bollywood again with 2
Talking about Sunny Deol’s work front, his recently released film Ghadar 2 has created quite a stir at the box office. The first part of Ghadar also had Sunny Deol and its second part has been equally successful. Let us tell you that Sunny Deol has done many action films and despite his age, his stamina is equally amazing. Both his sons Karan Deol and Rajveer Deol have entered Bollywood. In such a situation, three generations of the Deol family are active in films.

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