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Why does Rohit Sharma throw the coin away? How much truth is there in the Pakistani cricketer’s claim, know everything

New Delhi. The World Cup is about to end. Overall, fans will now get to watch two matches. Pakistan team has been eliminated from the tournament. But the former cricketers there are giving different statements every day. A few days ago, Hasan Raja said that the bowlers of the Indian team are being given different types of balls. Now former cricketer Sikandar Bakht has said that Rohit Sharma tosses the coin so that the result of the toss is in his favour. The other captain did not know anything.

Sikandar Bakht has shared a video from his social media account. In this he is saying, “If we can show the toss. When Rohit Sharma tosses, he tosses a coin. Because of this the other captain does not know what the result is. I believe the toss should be shown.” Let us tell you that recently veteran cricketer Mohammad Hafeez also raised questions about the toss. He said that the result of the toss should be shown by the spider cam.

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A different type of ball is given
Earlier, former cricketer Hasan Raza had said that the Indian team is being given a different type of ball. He said, “Many things have gone in India’s favor this year. Be it a review or something else. How is Mohammad Shami and Siraj bowling? We also played at one time. Then the ball would reverse swing. But what is going on here? I think the ball is changing. Don’t know if ICC is giving him the ball or BCCI is giving him the ball. ICC should look into what is happening here.

What does the rule say?
As per MCC rules 30 minutes before the match the captains of both the teams will come for the toss in the presence of the match referee. One captain will toss a coin and the other has to say heads or tails. After this the referee will tell the commentator the result of the toss. In such a situation, this statement of Sikander Bakht is really surprising. Let us tell you that the match referee in the semi-final match between India and New Zealand was Andy Pancroft from Zimbabwe.

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