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Why Kareena Kapoor had to marry Saif after 5 years of live-in relationship, she said- children…

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Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are the iconic couple of Bollywood. They have been married for almost 10 years and are parents of 2 children. Now in an interview given to a magazine, Kareena talked about her marriage and children. Kareena used to live with Saif but had to get married as she wanted children. Before marrying Kareena, Saif was the husband of Amrita Singh. Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim have children from her first marriage. Kareena Kapoor was in a relationship with Shahid Kapoor. Kareena said that she wants to live a life with children and take care of her mental health first.

The decision to get married was made for the sake of the children.
Kareena Kapoor told The Dirty magazine why she decided to marry Saif. Kareena says, now you get married because you want children right? Otherwise, you can stay together. We lived together for 5 years. So we took the next step because we wanted children.

We should always be happy
Kareena also revealed why she wants to become a parent. There is no right or wrong way, she explains. We let them have their way. Respect them. They will make their own way. Children are very flexible. I want to live my life in front of my children, I want to do everything with them. They will prosper only if we are to be happy. I am responsible for my own mental health first.

Dating discussions were going on since 2007
Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan got married in the year 2012. Saif was divorced in 2004. After this came the news of his dating with Italian model Rosa. Rumors of Saif and Kareena dating started in 2007 and they made their relationship official in 2008.


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