With good news from the Ministry of Railways, sluggish railway stocks came to life, the shares started running at high speed.

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Share prices of companies related to Indian Railways have seen a sharp rise. There is a good news regarding railway stock IRCTC on Friday. After which an increase of 7 percent was seen in the share price of the company. Let us tell you that the share price of IRCTC was Rs 725.60 at the closing of the market on Friday.

22000 per cent stormy return, share price less than 50 rupees

What is the matter? (IRCTC News)

Ministry of Railways has allowed IRCTC to book catering facility in special coaches and trains. Shares of IRCTC saw a surge on Friday after the Railway Ministry’s permission. Let us tell you that this facility is not available in trains with pantry cars. That means food will be available there from the pantry car.

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How is the company performing in the stock market?

IRCTC’s share price has seen an increase of over 11 percent in the last one month. At the same time, the stock has managed to achieve a gain of only 12.85 percent so far this year. That means the sluggish stock came to life on Friday. Let us tell you that IRCTC has a 52 week high of Rs 775 and a 53 week low of Rs 557.15 per share.

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