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‘You try to understand, the coin tossed…’ In relation to Badshah Mrinal? The rapper told the truth

Mumbai. Shilpa Shetty’s Diwali party was attended by many film stars, but the entire limelight was stolen by Mrinal Thakur and rapper Badshah. The close relationship between the two caught people’s attention. Mrinal has shared pictures with Badshah on his Insta story. However, many pictures and videos of Shilpa’s Diwali party are also going viral. In a video, Mrinal and Badshah can be seen holding each other’s hands. Due to which the discussion of their relationship has gained momentum. The king has also reacted to this.

A video of the party, which shows Mrinal with the rapper, has gone viral, leading to speculations that the two are dating each other. In the video, Mrinal and Badshah are seen walking out of Shilpa’s Diwali party holding hands. Sharing this on Reddit, one person wrote, “Mrinal and Badshah at Shilpa’s Diwali party tomorrow, are they dating?” Many others also made comments regarding their relationship.

Mrinal Thakur also shared a picture of his Diwali party with Badshah and host Shilpa Shetty on his Instagram handle. The caption read: “Two favourites.” Badshah also reposted it on his Instagram stories. In the video, Mrinal can be seen wearing a green ethnic outfit. In the video, Badshah can be seen walking behind the actress in a black kurta.

One Reddit user wrote, “As a couple I never expected this from them. Wow wow.” Another said, “Isn’t the king married and has kids?” Badshah was first married to Jasmin Masih. They got divorced in 2020. Amidst all this, Badshah wrote a cryptic post.

According to Times Now, Badshah wrote, “Try to understand, the coin has tossed…” Apart from this, Badshah wrote in an Insta Story, “Dear Internet (troll), sorry to disappoint you once again but it’s not what you think. .” He included a smiley emoji in his post.

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