YRKKH 03 Jun: Armaan keeps seeing Abhira, ignores Ruhi’s calls, Manisha aunty plays her game.

‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ Today (June 03) Episode: Abhira will go to temple with Armaan. Ruhi and other members of the Paudar family will be busy having fun at home. While having fun, the gold bracelet will fall from Ruhi’s hand and Aunty will take advantage of this. It will scare Ruhi. He will say, ‘It is not too bad if gold is lost even in a dream. Gold gone, good luck gone. Ruhi gets scared and starts thinking about Armaan.

Here Ruhi will wait for Armaan to come. On the other hand, Abhira will try to remove Ruhi’s name Mouli from her hand. She will remove the mouli and give it to Armaan and then henna will be applied from Armaan’s hand to Abhira’s hand. Abhira will be upset. Armaan will not understand why Abhira is getting so upset. Abhira will say, ‘This is mehndi which was to be applied from your hand on Ruhi’s hand and it got on my hand. Don’t know what Ruhi will say seeing this mehndi. After this, Armaan’s phone will receive a call from Ruhi, but Armaan won’t pick her call.

Armaan follows Abhira to the car. Abhira will tell Armaan that the car tire is punctured. Armaan will be busy calling the mechanic and Abhira will start changing the tire. Armaan will get lost in Abhira’s talk. He will stare at Abhira and then it will start raining. Armaan will enter a nearby house with Abhira. Abhira will enjoy the rain and Armaan will sit in the chair and watch it. There will be a sound of thunder and Abhira will fall down in fear. Abhira’s hand will hurt.

Armaan will take Abhira to the hospital. After tying the crepe bandage, Abhira and Armaan will arrive at Pauddar’s house. Ruhi will be surprised to see Abhira and Armaan together. She will ask Armaan, ‘Were you both together?’ Armaan will tell everything to Ruhi. Ruhi will hug Armaan after knowing everything. Ruhi will say, ‘Thank you Armaan. You told me the truth. Thank you.’

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