YRKKH Spoiler: Bhagya played such a game with Armaan, he will complete all the mehndi rituals with Abhira.

YRKKH SPOILER ALERT IN HINDI: The story of the TV serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ has finally reached a stage where Armaan Pauddar starts realizing that there is something between him and Abhira Sharma. He does not understand why he is often drawn to Abhira when he has no obligation to her. While Sunday’s episode showed Armaan’s love for Abhira, now in the upcoming episode you will see the amazing chemistry between the two.

Fate will give Armaan-Abhira a chance

Fate will find an excuse to bring the two closer once again. In some clips going viral on social media, it can be seen that by the time Armaan and Abhira left the temple, it must have been evening. But then his car breaks down. Jugadu Abhira will immediately start repairing the car but in the meantime heavy rain will start and then both will have to spend unexpected time together. Not only this, all the rituals that Armaan has to complete with Ruhi will be completed with Abhira.

The ceremony will be completed inadvertently with Abhira.

It will happen that in the temple Panditji will tie a kalav on Abhira’s hand. As Abhira will be focused on feeding Armaan the baby, he will not be able to see. Later, when both of them come to know, Armaan and Abhira together try to expose the trick. As Armaan was leaving, his foot fell on a coconut tree and he stumbled. Her hand will fall on the mehndi plate and then Abhira will hold the same hand, thus Abhira’s mehndi will be on Armaan’s hand as well.

How will Armaan’s family react?

On the other hand, Ruhi is waiting for Armaan, her fiance will come and apply henna on her. Meanwhile, Abhira gets mehndi applied by Armaan. The upcoming episode will see how Ruhi and the rest of the family will react when they come to know about all these things at Armaan’s house. Will Armaan and Abhira be able to unite or fate has paired Armaan with Ruhi. It will be very interesting to see.

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