YRKKH Twist: Abhir will find Abhir’s photo in Ruhi’s luggage, will Akshara’s truth come out before marriage?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is going to have many twists. In fact, Abhira has expressed her love to Armaan, but till date no one knows what great sacrifice Abhira has made for Armaan. The Pauddar family members don’t even know that Madhav has met with an accident and is admitted to the hospital. Apart from this, no one also knows that Armaan and Abhira’s divorce is not finalized yet. But in the coming time, the veil on all these things will be removed and the truth will come out one by one.

First twist: Abhira will catch a photo of Abhir and Ruhi.

Abhira is unaware of his mother Akshara’s past and therefore knows nothing about Abhimanyu and Abhir. Ruhi was very close to Abhir and so she always carries Abhir’s pictures with her. As reported by Bollywood Life, the upcoming episode will show that when Abhira goes to Ruhi’s room to keep her wedding clothes, she will see Abhir’s pictures. Ruhi immediately grabs the pictures from Abhira’s hand. The matter will not end here, very soon Abhira will come to know about Abhira and his mother’s relationship.

Another twist: Uncle’s secret will be revealed

It is being said that when Madhav regains consciousness, he will tell everyone that Armaan and Abhira’s divorce is not final. Not only this, Madhav will also say that his uncle knew that he had met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital, but did not tell anyone about it.

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