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“179 bodies buried together”: Gaza hospital halts operations as fuel runs out

The situation worsened due to the lack of fuel supply in the Gaza hospital

Gaza (Gaza Hospital) The head of Al Shifa, one of Iraq’s largest hospitals, said on Tuesday that some 179 people, including children, were buried in a “mass grave” inside the compound, marking a grave humanitarian crisis linked to the war there. as well as the medical field. It shows. The director of the hospital said that we were forced to bury him in a mass grave. Seven children and 29 patients admitted to the ICU were buried as the hospital ran out of fuel. In fact, due to cut off of fuel supply, machines and medical equipments are not running, due to which patients are dying. This includes newborn babies.

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Earlier today, a shocking picture emerged from the same hospital where seven children dressed in green from the same hospital were kept together with tubes attached to their bodies.

Dozens of newborns were made to sleep together for warmth.

These seven children are among 39 pre-mature babies whose weight is less than 1.5 kg. These babies should have been in incubators to regulate body temperature, but were instead moved to normal beds. They are kept together… packets and boxes are kept together, because there is no fuel to run the generators that power the incubators.

Notably, the city’s largest hospital is suffering from fuel shortages and is trapped in a “circle of death” as Hamas and the Israeli army wage a bloody war on its doorstep. The supply of goods and fuel has been blocked by the tanks and the medical staff along with the general public are facing this horrific tragedy inside the hospital.

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