A person sleeping comfortably on a bed under a moving truck, people were surprised to see the dangerous game, said – this is called compulsion…

A man was sleeping comfortably on a bed under a moving truck.

Jugad Video: No one can predict when and what will go viral on social media. Sometimes someone turns a car into a helicopter and sometimes someone makes a cooler out of a brick using Jugaad. Now one such new Jugaad video is going viral, everyone is surprised to see it. In this video, a person has done something with Jugaad, which shocks everyone. The video shows how a man fell asleep under a moving truck, let’s see how this trick is done…

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In this viral video, you can see that a truck is running at high speed on the road. In the next moment you see on video a man lying peacefully under the moving truck. Seeing which any person will lose sleep. Watching this video, people wonder how someone can sleep so dangerously deep. You can see that the man has arranged his bed under the truck and is sleeping very comfortably.

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But whoever saw this video was surprised. Because sleeping under a moving truck means risking your life. How can anyone sleep like this, where a little carelessness can cost you your life forever. The video was shared on Instagram by an account named Indian_ka_talent. This video has been viewed more than 1 crore times so far. People are also commenting a lot on this video. One user wrote – understand his compulsion, don’t joke. Another said – this is called compulsion. What do you think about this video? Let us know by commenting.

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