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Actor trapped in love with actress, career ruined by drunkenness, true love not found even after 3 marriages

New Delhi. Bollywood’s ‘Khallas Girl’ Isha Koppikar has been the top actress of her time. Today, this actress who is away from the screen has once spread her charm in Hindi film industry as well as South films. Esha Koppikar made millions go crazy with her excellent acting and innocence. The list of fans of the actress ranged from fans to Bollywood veterans. Inder Kumar, who has appeared in many films with Salman Khan, was so enamored with the love of the actress that he could not let go for the rest of his life.

Esha Koppikar may be living a happy life with her husband Timmy Narang and daughter Riana today, but in the 90s, the actress was in the limelight for her relationship with Inder Kumar. However, something else was written in the fate of this couple and their love could not be consummated. After the relationship broke up, Isha focused on her career. On the other hand, Inder Kumar decided to get married and move ahead in life.

I was not even happy to be a father.
The ‘Wanted’ actor was married to Sonal Kariya, but even after marriage, he could not get Isha Koppikar out of his heart. Despite being married, he continued to meet with the actress. He also divorced his wife when she was pregnant. Sonal, the late actor’s wife, said in an interview to ‘Spotboy’ that Inder did not even respond to the news of becoming the father of a daughter.

3 Love was not found even after marriage-
After unrequited love and divorce, Inder Kumar was completely broken. In order to forget his sorrows, he kept getting trapped in a heap of alcohol. Like the personal life of the drunken actor, his professional life also went downhill and he stopped getting work in films. The ‘Masoom’ actor got married to Kamaljit Kaur in 2009, but his second marriage also broke up within a year. Then in the year 2013, the actor became a groom for the third time and got married to Pallavi Saraf, but this relationship also broke up after 4 years.

After 1 failed relationship and three divorces, Inder Kumar was so broke that he had no desire to live. The actor breathed his last on 28 July 2017 due to drunkenness.

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