After being slapped, Nana Patekar, who was surrounded on all sides, apologized, released the video and explained why this happened.- CMB College

After being slapped, Nana Patekar, who was surrounded on all sides, apologized, released the video and explained why this happened.

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Actor Nana Patekar is under attack from all quarters for slapping a teenager who came to take a selfie while shooting in Varanasi on Wednesday. A video of Nana Patekar slapping a teenage girl for trying to take a selfie created an uproar on social media. From small Instagram to Facebook trolls started. Even from the people of Kashi, the voice against him started resounding. On this, Nana himself came forward late in the evening and released the video and apologized for the slap. He also asked to find the teenager and apologize. Not only this, the circumstances under which this happened were also stated.

The shooting of the Hindi film ‘Journey’ is going on in Varanasi for many days. Shooting was going on in the market near Dashashmedh Ghat on Wednesday. Meanwhile, a teenager approaches Nana Patekar and tries to take a selfie. Nana slaps him hard from behind. A bystander grabs the teenager by the throat and takes him away. As soon as her video went viral, various kinds of comments started pouring in against Nana.

VIDEO: A teenager who came to take a selfie was beaten and chased away by Nana Patekar

Many respectable people of Kashi also opposed Nana’s actions. Former IG Amitabh Thakur also protested and demanded an FIR against Nana Patekar. In view of the growing protests, Nana Patekar apologized on Wednesday night and clarified the entire situation.

Nana said that the video which is going viral is a part of our film. I am wearing a hat in the film and later a man asks me if I want to sell the old hat. When he comes, I catch him and kill him. I ask you to be polite. He runs away. We rehearsed. The director calls for the next rehearsal. Meanwhile, the child seen in the video arrives. We don’t know who he is. According to the scene, I slapped him and told him not to misbehave and leave here.

Later I came to know that he is not our man, please forgive me.
We later found out that this was not our person. We were going to call him, but he ran away. The video which is going viral was probably shot by his friend. Although we have never turned anyone down for a photo. We also took thousands of photos here. It is very crowded here. A scene was taking place in the market. We don’t know how it suddenly came. This happened by mistake. We have done this considering ourselves our man.

Said we don’t kill anyone like this. I am sorry if there is any misunderstanding. We never kill anyone like this. Be it the people of Kashi or anyone else, everyone has given abundant love. We will not behave like this. We just want to apologize to that kid. We kept looking for him but he ran away. If someone finds it, we apologize. He is scared and runs away. He came in between rehearsals so this happened. I’m sorry we don’t do that.

The director said, the scene of the film
Earlier the director of the film Anil Sharma had said that this scene is a shot of our film. People have a problem with making a fuss for no reason. Sharma said that Patekar’s character in the film deals with dementia. His mind is disturbed. A man comes to take a picture with them. That scene belongs to this period.

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