America: One-year-old child dies after drinking fentanyl, arrested – police

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New Delhi:

A case of death of a one-year-old child due to consumption of fentanyl has come to light in New York, USA. According to the police, the incident took place at the day care. Police have arrested the day care owner in this case. Gray Mendez, 36, was arrested Friday at Divino Nino Daycare in the Bronx after reports of unconscious children, according to police.

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Four children were hospitalized
AFP According to reports, a large amount of fentanyl was found during an investigation at the day care. Besides, one kilo of drugs kept on the children’s play mat was also found. Let us tell you that four children were admitted to the hospital due to consuming fentanyl. One of them died during treatment.

Many serious allegations were made

Mendez and 41-year-old Carlisto Acevedo Brito, a tenant of the apartment where the day care was located. Now they are charged in New York with intent to murder, possession and distribution of drugs. He was charged with federal narcotics charges in an additional indictment unsealed Tuesday.

Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Frank Tarantino said in a statement that the incidents at Divino Nino Daycare did not begin with tragedy.” Deaths and drug poisonings like this are any parent’s worst nightmare, Tarantino said. And it also makes it clear that How Fentanyl is a huge threat to everyone living in New York.

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