Amisha Patel’s reaction on Jawan’s huge earnings, said- better than you…

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Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jaawan has created a buzz at the box office as soon as it was released. The film has created many records by earning 75 crores on the first day. Critics and fans have loved the film and praised it a lot on social media. Many Bollywood celebs also went to watch the movie on the first day and everyone loved the movie. They have also given their reaction on social media. Meanwhile, Ameesha Patel has given her reaction about Shahrukh and his film Jawaan. However, Ameesha did not stop promoting her film in the meantime.

Message from Ameesha
Ameesha wrote, ‘Congratulations Shah Rukh Khan Once again to earn at the box office. No one can do magic better than you. We love you so much.’ Fans are commenting a lot on this post of Ameesha. At least his and Shah Rukh’s film Om Has shared pictures of both with Shanti Om. Actually, Ameesha and Shah Rukh were together in a small scene. Sharing this photo, fans are writing that you both looked good together.

Jawan at the box office
Talking about the box office collection of Jaawan, it is being speculated that the film can earn Rs 72 crore on the third day i.e. Saturday. If this happens then the total earnings of the film could be Rs 200.23 crore with first day 75 crore and second day 53.23 crore.

Ghadar 2 collection
Ghadar 2 was doing well at the box office till now. But after the release of Jaawan, the film’s earnings have decreased. The film earned 90 lakh rupees on Friday. The film is expected to earn Rs 1.20 crore on Saturday, so the total earnings of the film could be Rs 512.10 crore.


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