Anupama November 14: Guru Maa tries to provoke Anuj, but Anupama gives her a major defeat.- CMB College

Anupama November 14: Guru Maa tries to provoke Anuj, but Anupama gives her a major defeat.

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The episode starts with Anupama and Nani Anu preparing for Diwali. Anuj also comes there and explains to Anu that they have to make heartfelt gifts for everyone. After this, little Anu says that she has problem in maths and then Anuj thinks of tutoring her. But Anupama refused and said she would look into it. Guru Ma also talks about the tuition and tells Anuj that she is right. Anuj remains silent and somewhere Anupama understands what Anuj’s silence is saying.

Vanraj felt taunted
The Shah family is also small Diwali celebrates Babuji dances with Baa and tries to brighten everyone’s mood. The whole family is happy when the neighbors come and taunt. Neighbors say son died not even 2 months and now you are dancing. Vanraj gets angry and tells everyone that I love my son or not, I don’t want certificate from you. I am celebrating Chhoti Diwali and will celebrate Big Diwali with great fanfare. I will dance in memory of my son.

Guru Ma’s tactic proved costly
Guru Ma says to Anuj incomparable She used to go and deliver to everyone. Guru Ma thinks that this will lead to a fight between Anuj and Anupama, but Anuj supports his wife, after which Guru Ma’s face becomes small.

The old age home papers arrived
On the occasion of Diwali, Anuj brings the old age home land papers and both are very happy. Guru Ma says read the paper then Anuj says Boss is Anupama and this is his dream. Meanwhile, Barkha provokes Guru Ma. Guru Ma says now I will play in Shah family band.

Ba decided that whatever he earned would be divided into 3 parts. Vanraj says they have helped us a lot so we will return their money with respect. Guru Ma decided that she would now keep Anuj away from the Shah family and Anupama.


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