Anupama September 18: Anupama gets some more clues related to Guru Maa’s past, a fear haunting Vanraj Shah.

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Anupama 18th September 2023 Episode: The Monday episode of TV serial ‘Anupama’ is going to be a bit dull. However, the makers have hinted about a big twist in this upcoming episode. show In the 18th September episode you will see that Anupama will try to know the truth related to Guru Maa’s past. He will find his child’s birth certificate and some orphanage papers from Guru Ma’s old papers.

Anupama Guru will investigate Maa’s past
Anupama would speculate that perhaps Guru Maa had given her child to an orphanage, though her mind would not be ready to accept this. She will also tell her husband Anuj Kapadia that according to the papers, Guru Maa Malti Devi has a son. He will say that Guruma’s child will be the same age as you, based on the date of birth he saw in the paper. The youngster will also be a little curious about Guru Ma’s past.

This fear is haunting Vanraj Shah
On the other hand, in Kapadia Haveli, Vanraj Shah will fear that his parents might abandon him. He will often go to check the breathing of his sleeping parents. Leela will explain to him that it is okay, but one day they have to go. After Vanraj Shah leaves, Bapuji tells Leela that his son is a very good son and father, but he needs to be a good husband as well. His gesture will be towards Kavya.

Jupiter will start recognizing old photographs
It is shown in the serial that incomparable Guru Ma would sit near Malti Devi and try to remind him of his past. Malati Devi will remember some things, but then she will forget everything. She will say that when she tries to remember, her head suddenly starts to feel heavy. On this Anupama will tell him to remember but remember slowly. Malti Devi will recognize Anupama by seeing her picture.

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