Arrow 3: First used by Israel in the war with Hamas, a weapon developed in collaboration with the US- CMB College

Arrow 3: First used by Israel in the war with Hamas, a weapon developed in collaboration with the US

New Delhi:

Israel has used the new weapon for the first time in its war with Hamas. It is jointly built by America and Israel. The name of this weapon is Arrow 3. This interceptor is a hypersonic ballistic missile. Israel has intercepted a ballistic missile fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen.

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Arrow 3 performs higher and faster than Arrow 2. Its principle is track and hit to kill. It is specially designed to shoot down ballistic missiles. If launched at 90 degrees upwards, it can hit a target of 100 km.

Its range is up to 2400 km. If there is a chemical, biological or nuclear attack by a long-range missile, it can also deflect it.

Also, if an enemy country attacks Israel with a long-range missile, it will now think ten times.

To protect itself from its enemies, Israel has designed an air defense shield that would not be easy for anyone to penetrate the Arrow 3 for long range and the Iron Dome for short range.

Let us tell you that after the horrific attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, the division between the countries of the world has deepened regarding Gaza. Hamas entered Israeli territory on October 7, killing large numbers of people and taking more than 200 hostages. Israel was stunned by the attack. At the same time, the international community was also stunned.

Many Western countries supported Israel. Israel’s response displaced more than one million civilians from Gaza, besieging the area and cutting off electricity and water supplies, as well as humanitarian aid. Russia and China tried to balance their statements, including criticism of Israel’s response.

The United Nations tried to stop the conflict
Following the war between Israel and Hamas, the UN Security Council struggled to reach a consensus to stop the fighting. Four attempts to draft resolutions failed due to vetoes by the US on the one hand and Russia and sometimes China on the other.

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