Boy doing push-ups in metro, uncle standing behind shows complete arrogance

An old man did a pushup with a boy in the metro.

Metro related videos keep coming on social media every day. In some of these videos, sometimes people are seen dancing and sometimes they are seen doing strange activities inside the Delhi Metro. Meanwhile, videos of people fighting inside the metro also go viral, on which users enjoy a lot. Recently, one such video is catching people’s attention on the internet, in which a boy is seen doing pushups (uncle pushup in the metro video) inside a metro coach, but then what is the ‘uncle’ doing at the back. Yes, you won’t get tired of praising ‘Akanal’ after watching it.

Watch the video here

Video of uncle doing pushups in metro

Whether this video is from Delhi Metro or any other city is yet to be revealed. First in the video, a boy starts doing pushups inside the metro. Meanwhile, he asks the person standing behind to do the same, which he initially refuses, but when the boy speaks again, ‘Uncle G’ (Uncle Pushup in the Metro video) does pushups faster and more than the boy. They start putting it on. Seeing which even the boy is surprised. In the viral video, you can see two people doing a pushup challenge one after the other.

Pushup challenge is going viral in metro (Pushup Challenge in Metro)

The video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram by an account named @bboybharatragathi, which is getting a lot of views and likes. While sharing the video, the caption reads, ‘Talented people are everywhere.’ The video, which was shared on September 4, has so far received over 25 lakh views, while more than 3 lakh people have liked the video. People who have seen this video are giving different reactions to it. One user wrote, ‘Uncle doing pushups perfectly.’ Another user wrote, ‘Looks like uncle was waiting forever for this moment.’

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