China has issued a warning regarding the increase in Kovid-19 cases during the winter season- CMB College

China has issued a warning regarding the increase in Kovid-19 cases during the winter season

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Experts in China have issued a warning about the increase in cases of Kovid-19 infection in the current winter season and asked the elderly and vulnerable people to get vaccinated.

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Data from China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Chinese CDC) revealed that 24 people died and a total of 209 new serious cases were reported due to Covid nationwide in October, according to information provided in an official media report on Monday. was informed. All these cases in China are from people infected with different XBB variants of Covid.

China’s top respiratory disease expert, Zhong Nanshan, has warned of a slight increase in Covid-19 cases in the winter season and urged elderly and vulnerable populations to get vaccinated soon, according to the state-run Global Times. possible

Lu Hongzhu, president of Shenzhen’s Third People’s Hospital, told the newspaper that the virus is mutating while the ability of ordinary people to fight the disease is waning as their antibody levels decline over time.

According to Lu, Covid cases may increase during the winter season. Since the risk of flu is known to be higher during the fall and winter seasons, people need to be aware of the potential risks of both types of infection.

Lu said it is important to continue implementing prevention and control measures during the winter season, but there is no need to panic.

After first appearing in Wuhan, the corona virus turned into a pandemic by the end of 2019 and wreaked havoc across the world, claiming millions of lives and affecting the health of millions in various ways.

However, China continues to deny the allegations that the corona virus has spread across the world after it leaked from its bio lab in Wuhan.

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