Clean the house of worship in this festive season, the temple will shine, the Lord will be pleased.

Clean the house of worship in this festive season, the temple will shine, the Lord will be pleased.

House Temple Cleaning Tips: If you clean it like this, the house temple will start shining.

Special items

  • This is how to clean the temple during festivals.
  • Special attention has to be paid to these matters.
  • The worship hall will shine like new.

Home Remedies for Temple Cleaning: In India, morning cleaning is a part of daily routine in every home. But the cleaning of our house temples is done only on major festivals. That is why they are also the dirtiest. Everyone wakes up in the morning and does anything else only after cleaning the house. Many people also consider it important to perform puja every morning. Similarly, if you clean your temple with these home remedies 3 to 4 times a week, your temple will shine like new and God will also be pleased with you.

Clean your home temple like this

Evacuate the temple

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To clean your house temple properly, first of all empty the temple completely. This will make cleaning easier.


Clean the temple

After this, clean your temple thoroughly with a damp, clean cloth. And if your shrine is made of wood, use olive oil and lemon too. This will bring natural glow to the temple.

Storage space cleaning

After cleaning the temple thoroughly, if your temple has any storage space, clean it. For this, first of all, clean the box thoroughly by taking out the things kept in it. Then separate the necessary items from all the items and remove the useless items.

Cleaning of idol

Now clean all the idols of God kept in the temple. Leaving more days apart in cleaning them makes them look dirtier. Use Ganga water and lemon to clean idols.


To clean the utensils of worship

In the puja room, the vessels kept there turn black due to incense and incense. Cleaning these brass and copper utensils may take some effort. For this first take hot water in a big vessel and put these vessels in it and leave it for 30 minutes. After this, salt the lemon or clean the dishes thoroughly with a lemon-soda solution.

Cleaning of worship clothes

Oil stains, black stains etc. get deposited on the clothes used in the temple or the clothes offered to idols. To clean it, soak a cloth in warm water with lemon juice and vinegar for 30 minutes. Then clean it and wash it with clean water. (presentation-marked white)

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