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17.3 overs (1 run) 1 run

17.2 overs (1 run) 1 run

17.1 overs (0 runs) no run was scored.

Glenn Phillips is now brought in to bowl…

16.6 overs (0 runs) Pushed the ball but couldn’t hit it in the gap.

16.5 overs (4 runs) Four!! Nice shot by the batsman here!! The batsman made room on the ball outside the off stump and played a cut shot towards point. Perfect coordination between bat and ball. The ball hits straight outside the boundary line for four runs.

16.4 overs (6 runs) SIX!!! Another six from Shubman Gill’s bat!! The batsman came forward in line with the ball and played with full power towards the long on boundary. The ball hit between the bats and went straight to the dressing room. Rohit Sharma was sitting there but seeing the ball coming, he too got up and started clapping. Meanwhile the umpire signaled six runs.

16.3 overs (0 runs) A ball tossed on the off stump was cut towards point by the batsman. The fielder present there could not get a run.

16.2 overs (1 run) Pushed the ball and gets a single.

16.1 overs (0 runs) The batsman pushed towards the off side. Couldn’t get a run.

15.6 overs (1 run) Alone!! This time Virat pushes it into the gap between cover and the point fielder. The ball went to deep cover from which one run was scored.

15.5 overs (0 runs) Second time the bowler bowled over the pitch. The batsman pushed towards cover but couldn’t find the gap.

15.4 overs (0 runs) The batsman pushes the tossed spin ball towards mid-off. Fielder in there, no run.

15.3 overs (0 runs) Pushed the ball but couldn’t hit it in the gap.

15.2 overs (1 run) Another single!! The batsman scored a run by playing a spin ball to deep point outside the off stump.

15.1 overs (1 run) The batsman plays the ball forward towards long off and scores a run.

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