Exclusive: Will Fukrey 3 Vaccine Affect War Collection? Pallavi Joshi said- ‘After the Kashmir files..’

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Not one but two films hitting the theaters on September 28, which have been in the news for quite some time now, but the audience is also waiting for them. One film is The Vaccine War directed by Vivek Agnihotri and the other is Fukrey 3. On one hand, Fukrey 3 is the third installment of the comedy film series, on the other hand, after Kashmir Files, the audience’s expectations from Vivek Agnihotri have increased. Actress Pallavi Joshi spoke on The Vaccine War and Fukrey 3’s box office clash in an interview with Hindustan.

Some people are only about the box office…
Can Fukrey 3 Impact The Vaccine War’s Box Office? On this question, actress and producer Pallavi Joshi tells Hindustan, ‘Many people have asked me about this, but I never paid attention to it because of how much our film’s collections are… It’s not our aim. It will definitely happen.. people will like it, people will come and watch the film in theatres.. then it will automatically translate to box office. Some people only talk about the box office, not whether people will like the movie or not.

People should understand the film…
Pallavi Joshi continues, ‘Our aim is for people to understand and love the film and to dispel the misconceptions about India that the West has created about us. It is important that it washes away… Only then will we get our reward. As far as the box office is concerned, I wouldn’t say it doesn’t matter. If this film of mine does well then I will be able to make the next film. I was able to make this film after Kashmir Files, before which I could not even think of producing.

I hope…
Finally Pallavi says, ‘Now that I have produced this film, I can make my next film when it does well. The stories I set out to tell people require a certain amount. What I hope to get out of this film… I don’t think so. There is an age of name, fame and glory.. and all this is now. People are eager to watch this film, this is a big thing.


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