G20 guests will now shop through UPI, said app is very easy to use

G20 guests will now shop through UPI, said app is very easy to use

UPI facility for G20 guests

Organized in Delhi G20 Summit Guests worldwide can now shop through UPI. India is promoting digital platforms a lot these days. The UPI system has also been activated for foreign delegates participating in the G20. Speaking to NDTV, Gunveer Singh, HOD, Payments and Settlements, Reserve Bank of India, said that the people of India already know about the benefits of UPI and its image is very good worldwide but the guests coming to G20 should be given first priority. To give a hands-on experience, UPI facility is being provided on their foreign numbers. The UPI app is being downloaded and provided in their phones. He said that although the UPI app works only on local numbers, the facility has been extended to foreign guests.

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Foreign guests will purchase through UPI

Notably, these foreign guests will be able to use UPI as long as the G20 continues. This information has been given by Gunveer Singh. He said that no KYC or any other document will be taken from foreign guests for this. He said that UPI app facility has been provided in phones of guests coming from Brazil. Brazil has a good payment system similar to UPI.

Download the app to guests’ phones

The HOD of Payments and Settlements at the Reserve Bank said that the token amount has been given by downloading the app on the mobile phones of the foreign guests. They can experience it by shopping with this amount. Speaking to NDTV, a representative from Brazil said that UPI app is very easy to use. Now he will shop with the money put in it.

G20 guests will shop through UPI

Let us tell you that a craft market has been set up in Bharat Mandapam for foreign guests. Goods from all over the country are sold here. A glimpse of various states including Rajasthan can be seen through handicrafts at their stalls. Foreign guests can easily make purchases from their phones using UPI. Generally, KYC is required for UPI facility. But this facility is made available to foreign guests without KYC.

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