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Gaza hospital runs out of fuel, 39 newborns in one bed save lives by sharing warmth from each other’s bodies

Report of news agency ‘Reuters’ According to the government, machines and medical equipment are not running due to fuel supply cut off, due to which patients are dying. This includes newborn babies. At the same time, the newborns are kept close to each other in the incubator, so that they can be given the right temperature by human heat. According to the doctor, 39 children have been put on one bed.

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According to Israeli figures, 12,000 people have been killed so far in the war that began on October 7. Hamas has taken 240 hostages and hid them in tunnels in Gaza. More than half of Gazans have been left homeless by the war. Israel has ordered the complete evacuation of half of northern Gaza. Medical officials in Gaza say more than 11,000 people have been confirmed dead in the fighting, about 40% of them children.

The pediatric department of Al Shifa Hospital is in a bad condition. Here are newborn babies lying next to each other. Some of these children are wrapped in green cloth, tied thickly with tape around them for warmth. The rest of the children are kept wearing nappies only. With every passing minute in the hospital, the lives of these children are in danger.

Newborn babies are kept under the supervision of mandatory doctors at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The hospital is surrounded by Israeli tanks. There is a shortage of electricity, water, food, medicine and medical equipment.

“Yesterday there were 39 children here and the number has increased to 36,” said Dr. Al Shifa Hospital, head of pediatrics. Mohammad Tabasha said in a telephone interview on Monday. He said, “I cannot say how long they will be able to continue. I may lose two more children today or in the next hour.”

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Premature babies weigh less than 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) and in some cases only 700 or 800 grams. These babies should be kept in incubators, where the temperature and humidity can be controlled according to their individual needs.

Tabasha said, “Due to the lack of electricity, these babies had to be moved from incubators to ordinary beds. They were made to sleep next to each other. Some nappy packets were given. The beds were covered with sterile gauze and plastic. Sheets.” The bag is also lying there.

Dr. Tabasha said, “I never thought in my life that I would have 39 children in one bed. Each of these children will have a different illness. Between the acute shortage of medical staff and milk, these “children are living like this. “

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Dr. “The bodies of these children are getting cold. The temperature is not stable due to power cuts. Due to the lack of infection control measures, the children are spreading the virus to each other and have no immunity,” says Mohammad Tabasha.

“There is no longer any way to sterilize their milk and bottle teats to the required standards,” she said. As a result, some children developed gastritis. They suffered from diarrhea and vomiting, meaning they were at risk of severe dehydration. There is danger.”

“You’re slowly killing them”
Dr. Ahmed Al Mokhalalati, involved in the care of children, described the current situation as fatal. “They are in a very bad situation. You are slowly killing them until someone intervenes to adjust or improve their situation,” he told Al Shifa in a telephone conversation.

“These are very serious matters. You have to be very sensitive in dealing with them. You have to take care of each of these children in a very special way,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tabasha also told important things to keep children safe. “We need electricity to run incubators, proper germs for milk and bottle teats, medicines and if one of these children is a respiratory patient, we need related machines,” he said.

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