If Biden’s visit bodes well for India, the bill was introduced in the US Parliament

G20 Summit 2023: US President Joe Biden is visiting India to attend the G-20 Summit. Meanwhile, two laws have been introduced in the US Parliament. Congressman Gregory Meeks and Congressman Andy Barr, two prominent members of the House of Representatives of the US Parliament, have introduced a draft to create a law in favor of India. In fact, Gregory Meeks is the ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives and Andy Barr is the Vice President of the India Caucus.

The purpose of enacting this law is to remove the ban on export of high-tech items from India so that sensitive technology can be exported without hindrance. Along with this, bilateral technology cooperation with India is to be promoted.

Gregory Meeks and Andy Barr introduced pro-India legislation in the House of Representatives on Friday. It is being said that this law is a result of close relations between India and America since the tenure of Prime Minister Modi and US President Joe Biden.

According to a report by news agency PTI, ‘Technology Exports to India Act’ (Technology Exports to India) could pave the way for India to sell high-powered computers and its equipment to the US. The Act will strengthen technical cooperation between India and the US.

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In a joint statement, both Congressmen Gregory Meeks and Andy Barr said, ‘We are pleased to introduce the Technology Exports to India Act in the House of Representatives. With this bill, the ban on American digital products in India will be lifted, and these products (computers and related products) can be sold in India without a license from the Department of Commerce.

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