If you are appearing for competitive exams like UPSC, BPSC, UPPSC, SSC, answer these GK questions correctly.- CMB College

If you are appearing for competitive exams like UPSC, BPSC, UPPSC, SSC, answer these GK questions correctly.

General Knowledge for Competitive Exams: Having a good knowledge of General Knowledge is very important, especially if you are appearing for any competitive exam including UPSC, BPSC, UPPSC or SSC. From current affairs to history, general knowledge questions are frequently asked in the exam. Candidates who are going to appear for the competitive exam can practice their GK by answering the questions given below.

Where was evidence of the first “earthquake” recorded in India?

• Kalibangan

• Lothal

• Surkotda

• Harappa

The correct answer is – Kalibangan. This is the site that gave evidence of the first recorded “earthquake”.

Who was the first English President of Indian National Congress (INC)?

• George Yule

• Dufferin

• W Wedderburn

• None of these

Correct Answer: George Yule

Who among the following was the most distinguished historian during the reign of Shah Jahan?

• Amir Khusrau

• Muhammad Sadiq Khan

• Abul Hameed Lahori

• Angel

Correct Answer- Abdul Hameed Lahori

Which of the following books written in 1611 describes the social and cultural life of Gujarat?

• Mirat-e-Sikandari

• Tajkirat-ul-Muluk

• Mirat-e-Ahmadi

• Burhan-e-Masir

Correct Answer- Mirat-e-Sikandari

Following are the questions related to Indian politics.

Among the following Presidents, who was also the first Chief Minister of the modern states of India?

• Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma

• Neelam Sanjeev Reddy

• Dr. Rajendra Prasad

• Dr. B.D. Jatti

Correct Answer- Neelam Sanjeev Reddy

Which of these Presidents appeared before the Supreme Court to hear an election dispute?

• Giani Zail Singh

• Dr. Zakir Hussain

• Varahgiri Venkat Giri (Vid. Giri)

• Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

Correct Answer- University. the mountain

Which of these Indian Prime Ministers died outside India?

• Charan Singh

• Morarji Desai

• Jawaharlal Nehru

• Lal Bahadur Shastri

Correct Answer- Lal Bahadur Shastri

Which part of the constitution has provisions for composition, appointment and removal of UPSC members?

• Part XI

• Part XIV

• Part XVI

• Part XX

Correct Answer- Part XIV

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