“India will become a global aviation hub like Dubai in 5 years”: Union Minister Scindia told NDTV

Scindia said in an exclusive interview with NDTV on Wednesday, “Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the aviation infrastructure in the country has expanded at a rapid pace. The flow capacity of Delhi airport is currently 70 million, which will increase to 109 million in December. This means that Delhi The airport will become the second largest airport in the world.”

In an exclusive interview with NDTV, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said that Jewar Airport will be inaugurated in the next 12 months. By 2030, its capacity will increase to 60 million. So the flow capacity between Jewar and Delhi will be 160 million.

What about airfare?
On the argument of massive hike in air fares and government involvement in fare regulation, Scindia said, “Civil aviation is an unregulated sector. What happened in June was an exception. Due to the festive season, the prices of flight tickets were increasing. The airline had around 30 aircraft parked. That was the problem.”

Scindia said, “You face a double whammy. These include Srinagar, Pune and Goa, which were mainly linked to GoFirst. There was an unusual increase in his rent. We had a meeting with the airlines on June 5. I said this is not logical and this is not right. We had a free and frank discussion. “The rent normalized soon after that.”

Aviation hub
When can India become an international aviation hub like Singapore, Dubai or Doha? In response, Scindia said, “Since 2014, the number of airports has increased from 74 to 149. The new Utkela airport in Odisha was inaugurated three days ago. The fleet size has increased from 400 to 700. The number of passengers has increased. From 6 crore to about 14.5 crore.”

The number of airports is expected to reach 220 by 2030.
He said, “By 2030, the number of airports is projected to increase to 220. That is a 50% increase from the current number. Along with this, the number of aircraft will double to 1500. The number of passengers will almost triple to 42.5 crore.” “Will arrive.” The Union Minister said that this should be done at the international level, as so far Indian carriers have been focusing a lot on capacity building at the domestic level.

Pointing to the large orders for aircraft placed by Air India and IndiGo, Jyotiraditya Scindia said, “For too long, India’s focus has been either on the eastern border or on the western border. We are currently working with Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL). Initially, we will consider setting up a hub in Delhi. India has the potential to build not just one hub but many hubs in the next decade. One of these will be in Delhi, one in South India, one in the West.”

“We need to start over,” he said. Then it needs to be repeated later. Many of our passengers today transit through third countries. I think the focus has to be on direct flights.”

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