IPO did wonders, money doubled in 2 months, company got work of lakhs of rupees

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The IPO of Ahasolar Technologies Limited came in the month of July. At that time, the company’s IPO price band was Rs 157. But at the time of listing on 23rd, the share price of the company had reached Rs 203. Because of this, investors who bet on the IPO have made a profit of 29.30 percent. Let us tell you that the shares of the company had an upper circuit on Friday.

A return of 22000%, the share price of the company is Rs. Less than 50

Company got work from HPCL

In a disclosure to the stock markets, Ahsolar Technologies Ltd said it has received a work order from HPCL for consultancy services. The value of this work order is 30 lakh rupees. The company is to provide consultancy services for solar plants. Let us tell you that the market cap of the company is 111.29 crore rupees.

The upper circuit is installed twice in a single day

Shares of Ahasolar Technologies Ltd hit the upper circuit twice on Friday. Shares of the company were in the lower circuit on Thursday. If we look accordingly, Ahasolar Technologies Limited has made a great comeback in the stock market. Yesterday i.e. Friday, the shares of the company closed at the level of Rs 361.05. That means, investors who bet on the company’s IPO and were allotted shares, would have more than doubled their money by now.

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