Israel bombs Gaza hospital again, Hamas blames Biden for attack- CMB College

Israel bombs Gaza hospital again, Hamas blames Biden for attack

  1. Israeli soldiers said they were conducting a specific and targeted operation against Hamas inside Al-Shifa Hospital.
  2. The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that they had “once again informed the relevant authorities in Gaza that all military activities inside the hospital must cease within 12 hours. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The workers have also been asked to surrender.”
  3. The United Nations estimates that at least 2,300 patients, staff and displaced civilians are inside the facility. who have been caught up in several days of fierce fighting and aerial bombardment.
  4. Israel has been targeting different hospitals in Gaza for the past several days.
  5. According to the medical staff of the hospital, the hospital was taking care of 36 infants till Tuesday. who said that despite Israel’s efforts to supply incubators for evacuees, there is no clear mechanism for relocating them.
  6. Three premature babies have died after a hospital ran out of fuel for the power generators that kept its incubators running over the weekend.
  7. Aid agencies and hospital staff have said the situation is already “catastrophic”, with medical procedures being carried out without anaesthetic. Families live in corridors with little food or water, and the smell of rotting corpses wafts through the air.
  8. Both Israel and the United States have said Hamas members are using underground tunnels to set up command posts and Gaza hospitals to hide hostages.
  9. Hamas has accused US President Joe Biden of being “solely responsible” for the operation at al-Shifa hospital.
  10. Hamas said in a statement that we hold the occupation (Israel) and President Biden fully responsible for the attack on the al-Shifa medical complex.

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