Joe Biden and Xi Jinping set for high-level military talks - report- CMB College

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping set for high-level military talks – report

Biden and Xi Jinping meet

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  • Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met for the first time since the G20 meeting in Bali
  • Many important issues were discussed
  • Joe Biden posted on X about this meeting

New Delhi:

Many important decisions have been taken in the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Beijing has also released a statement regarding this meeting. According to the statement, during the meeting, the two leaders emphasized on starting high-level military talks. After this meeting, the foreign minister of China has also released a statement. The released statement said that Xi Jinping said in a meeting with Biden that the US should stop arming Taiwan and also support the peaceful reunification of China.

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Both the leaders talked about equality

He further said that China will realize reunification and it will not stop now. Regarding the fate of the island, the Chinese leader said Beijing has promised to retake it one day. A statement issued by Beijing said that the two leaders spoke of equality during the meeting. He also stressed on high-level military talks.

The two countries also agreed to hold joint government talks on the use of AI at the California summit, as well as to establish a working group on counter-narcotics cooperation, Xinhua news agency said. It is also committed to work to increase scheduled passenger flights. .

During the meeting, Xi Jinping told Biden that China is “not trying to overtake or dethrone the United States”, and asserted that “the United States plans to suppress and contain China.” should not be made.

Biden posted about the meeting on X

The meeting between the American and Chinese presidents lasted for four hours. Let us tell you that this was the first meeting between the two leaders after the Bali G20. After this meeting, Joe Biden posted on X that the two leaders understood each other during this meeting. During this time we also talked about many global challenges. Which we need to solve under shared leadership. This was also discussed in today’s conversation.

The White House released a statement

The White House has also issued a statement regarding the meeting. The statement said that the two leaders discussed several bilateral and global issues and expressed their views on issues on which the two countries did not agree. The statement issued said that the two leaders will hold talks on resuming military-to-military communication, anti-drug policy, increasing the number of flight services between the two countries and mutual cooperation on various issues. Other issues including Taiwan and the South China Sea were also discussed.

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