Karna of Mahabharata has changed so much in 35 years, he gave up the role of 'Arjuna' when he asked to remove his moustache.- CMB College

Karna of Mahabharata has changed so much in 35 years, he gave up the role of ‘Arjuna’ when he asked to remove his moustache.

Mahabharata: The entire look of Karna of Mahabharata has changed.

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There are many actors in the television industry who are known for their iconic roles. One of them is Pankaj Dhir, who played characters like Karn, Chandrakanta, The Great Maratha on TV, who continues to spread his acting skills in Bollywood and on the small screen even at the age of 63, but how important is Pankaj Dhir? A look that has changed over the years? And what does he look like now, let’s show you his before and now pictures.

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Karna of Mahabharata once looked like this

First of all check out this picture of television actor Pankaj Dhir, Pankaj Dhir is looking very young and very stylish in this black and white picture. His hairstyle and mustache look is very interesting.

Pankaj Dhir has changed a lot

Now take a look at this latest picture of Pankaj Dhir, in which he looks much older. Dressed in a kurta, pyjama, jacket and turban, Pankaj looks completely different in the picture.

Once he left the role of Arjuna for the sake of moustache.

BR Chopra’s Mahabharata, which aired on Doordarshan from 1988 to 1990, is still alive in people’s minds. Feroze Khan who played Arjun in this was not BR Chopra’s first choice. Actually, the role was offered to Pankaj Dhir, but it was not acceptable for Pankaj to shave off his moustache, so he turned down the role of Arjun. After that, BR Chopra offered the role of Karna to Pankaj Dhir in the same Mahabharata serial and he didn’t even remove his moustache.

Television career of Pankaj Dhir

Television actor Pankaj Dhir started his acting career with the 1983 film Sukh. He has played supporting actor roles in several films, but his biggest breakthrough came in the 1988 serial Mahabharata, in which he made his television debut playing the role of Karna. After this he has been seen in many films like Saugandh, Sanam Bewafa, Sadak, Badshah, Mr. Not only this, he has acted in several TV serials including Kaanoon, Chandrakanta, Harishchandra, Yug and Sasural Simar Ka. Pankaj Dhir has acted in more than 40 films and TV serials in his acting career.

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