Kim Jong-un’s arrival to meet Russian President Putin has sent shockwaves through the West

Seoul. North Korean dictator Kim Jong is arriving in Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both countries have confirmed the meeting. North Korea’s state news agency KCNA has said that Kim Jong is going to Russia by special train. Here, the Russian President’s office, the Kremlin, has also said in its statement that Putin had sent an invitation to Kim Jong for the meeting. The meeting is being held in secret, details of which will be released later.

According to the news agency Associated Press (AP), a special train has been spotted near the North Korea-Russia border. This green and yellow train is frequently used by Kim Jong, but it has not been confirmed whether Kim Jong was on the train. In some other media reports, South Korean government sources claimed that the train had left Pyongyang, North Korea and was arriving in Russia on Tuesday. There are possibilities that the two leaders may meet on the same day.

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Possible meeting in Moscow on Tuesday evening
There are reports in the media that the meeting is likely to take place in Moscow on Tuesday evening. Dictator Kim Jong is arriving in Russia by train. At the same time, American intelligence officials have said that Putin is meeting with Kim Jong this month. John Kirby of the US National Security Council said that Russia and North Korea are discussing weapons. Due to the war in Ukraine, many sanctions have been imposed on Russia. Now Russia is joining hands with North Korea for weapons. Earlier, North Korea gave missiles to Russia.

Many sanctions have been imposed on North Korea
Government sources claim that, like Russia, North Korea is also subject to various sanctions. Now it is going to get technology from Russia and the number of its weapons may increase. Last year, North Korea gave Russia rockets and missiles.

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