On the sets of ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’, Salman Khan’s ‘Bhabhi’ abstained from drinking water all the time, you might be surprised to know the reason.

A blockbuster film on the sets of which the actress did not drink water.

New Delhi:

Today, film shooting and facilities on film sets have become quite luxurious, but in the olden days, working in films was no less than a challenge for an actress. There was no time for vanity vans then. At that time especially actresses had to face many problems during shooting. Many big actresses have also mentioned this many times. One such film was released in the 90s, which not only grossed huge but also made every character a hit, however, during the shooting of the film, its actress even refrained from drinking water on the sets.

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Made in 4-5 crores, it grossed a bumper amount of Rs 250 crores.

A multi-starrer family drama film was made in the year 1994 at a cost of Rs 4.5 crore, which was loved by the people. The film made a bumper collection of Rs 250 crore and broke many records at the box office. But very few people know that on the sets of this film, the actress did not even drink water out of fear.

Finally, why didn’t the actress drink water on set?

The movie we are talking about is called ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’. In an interview, Salman Khan’s onscreen ‘Bhabhi’ Renuka Shahane revealed that she also avoided drinking water during the shooting of the film. Once another actress of the film Madhuri Dixit noticed this. Renuka said that there was no washroom on the set where the film was being shot. That is why she used to stay away from drinking water. When Madhuri saw this, she advised him.

Madhuri’s advice put an end to Renuka’s problems.

Renuka said in an interview that, ‘Madhuri told me that even if there is a problem with the washroom on the set, one should not drink less water. Because it can cause skin problems. Don’t skimp on water even when you’re on an outdoor shoot. We will take four women with us on set, but drinking less water can cause problems.

How many days did the actress not drink water?

Renuka says, ‘At that time the lights of the set stung her a lot. Reflectors were also very hard and dehydration could be a problem if one did not drink water. Madhuri’s advice was very valuable in such a situation. Because at that time I didn’t drink water for two days on the set. When I reached the hotel I would get some rest.

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