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Please, save the reverse swing… Who did Waqar Younis appeal to?

New Delhi. Former Pakistan cricket team fast bowler Waqar Younis has expressed concern about reverse swing. Reverse swing is an art that fast bowlers used to strike fear into the hearts of opposing batsmen, but now this art is gradually dying out. Especially in ODI cricket. Earlier fast bowlers used to reverse swing the ball with old balls of 20-30 overs and get wickets but now very few bowlers are seen reverse swinging the ball. Waqar Younis has told the ICC how this art can be preserved.

Waqar Younis, who in his time was an expert at reverse swinging the old ball, tagged the ICC and wrote on X, ‘ODI cricket is perfect for batsmen. I request ICC to start the innings with 2 new balls. Remove one ball after 30 overs. Continue the game with another ball. In the end that ball will be just 35 overs and we will see some reverse swing at the end of the innings. Please, save the art of reverse swing.

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Waqar Younis appealed to the ICC regarding the reverse swing.

Reverse swing is an important weapon of fast bowlers.
Reverse swing of fast bowlers is an infallible weapon. Waqar is one of those fast bowlers who used to terrorize batsmen with this skill. Even the batsmen could not understand this weapon of Waqar and easily returned to the pavilion. The ICC long ago made it a rule to bowl with the new ball from both ends. For this reason, when the ball goes into the 49th or 50th over, it is a 25-25 over. This reduces the possibility of reverse swing of the ball.

What is reverse swing?
Reverse swing is the art of fast bowlers. When the ball is new the pacers swing it but when the same ball gets 20-30 overs old they start reverse swinging it. One part of that ball is shiny while the other part becomes rough. To maintain the shine of a piece, bowlers wipe it frequently with their gloves. So that one part of the ball retains its shine. Fast bowlers then start swinging from swing action and from outswing to swing. In such a situation, the opposite batsman faces difficulty in understanding the way the ball is swinging.

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