Rajinikanth gave such a review to the jailer at the success party, people said – the director may be harmed

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Rajinikanth’s Jailer released on 10 August along with Ghadar 2 and OMG 2. The film broke many records in the Tamil industry and became one of the highest grossing films. Now when the film’s success party was held, lead actor Rajinikanth said something that is being talked about. In fact he gave a very honest review of Jailer. Many people are praising him for this while some people did not like him. Read the full story here.

There was no brother before the film
When Rajinikanth made a comeback with Jailer after 2 years, his fans showered their love wholeheartedly. The film earned a bumper at the box office. Now at the success party, Rajinikanth said something related to the film that many people were shocked. According to a report by Galatta.com, Rajinikanth said, “I watched the film first without re-recording. Then I asked Sembian sir and Kanan sir for their opinion about the film. When Kanan sir praised me, I said Nelson is your friend, naturally you will praise him. But before the re-recording the film was average for me.

Rajini praised the technicians
Rajinikanth speaks next, though the way Anirudh chose the film, My God. He changed the jailer as a bride changes after make-up. After this, Rajinikanth praised the technicians, especially the cameraman Karthik. That said, I didn’t expect it to have such a good impact. Rajinikanth said that when editor Nirmal got the film, the effect he created was excellent.

People loved to speak boldly
This video of Rajinikanth has gone viral on social media. Many people on YouTube have reacted to this. One wrote, what a speech, what a man, very down to earth. One comment is, he never hesitates to speak his mind. Name one person in the industry who would say at the success party of a film that grossed more than 600 crores that my film is slightly above average.

Some people said – should not be said
Rajinikanth has even offended some people by saying this. One has written that the film is very good. Nelson has portrayed Rajinikanth’s superstar image very well. Rajinikanth should respect this. Others have written that music alone does not make a film good. Rajinikanth saying something like this can have a negative effect on the confidence of the director and the team.

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