Rakhi Sawant leaked Adil Durrani’s private message, was asking for favors, said- used me…

Mumbai. Rakhi Sawant has been the most talked about TV industry. Rakhi made headlines when she announced her separation from her alleged ex-husband Ritesh Singh and married businessman Adil Khan Durrani. She married Adil according to Islamic customs and converted to Islam. But soon after the wedding, Rakhi and Adil had differences and were seen fighting in public. Rakhi made several serious accusations against Adil, due to which Adil had to go to jail.

After coming out of jail, Adil has also leveled many serious allegations against Rakhi Sawant, in response to which Rakhi has shared a screenshot of the conversation with Adil. Rakhi has shared a screenshot, in which Adil can be seen asking her to take the job. Not in a place like this but in a reality show like Bigg Boss or Lock Up.

Rakhi claims that Adil wanted to use it for commercial gain. Rakhi has said many times before that Adil Khan Durrani has no love for her, rather she wanted to enter the world of showbiz. He showed the proof to the world by sharing a screenshot.

Adil wanted to go to ‘Bigg Boss’ and ‘Lockup’

In the screenshot, Adil Khan Durrani can be seen writing, “I want to go to lockup or Bigg Boss… I want to do something.” In response Rakhi Sawant wrote, “Ok dear.” Both Bigg Boss and Lock Up are very popular reality shows. Contestants who participate in this become big stars. They also start getting TV shows, endorsements etc.

Rakhi Sawant accused of cheating

While sharing this screenshot, Rakhi Sawant wrote, “I knew she was doing everything for fame and to enter the Bigg Boss house. He used me to become famous. I accepted Islam and he betrayed me.

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