Raveena Tandon felt pain during the shooting of ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ song, had to take an injection.

New Delhi. Raveena Tandon joined a special episode of the dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’ as a guest. During the episode, contestant Shivanshu Soni and choreographer Vivek Chachere performed ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’, after which they narrated an incident during the shooting of the song, which everyone was unaware of till date.

Raveena Tandon has acted in many super hit films. But he is still remembered for the popular song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ from the 1994 film ‘Mohra’. Do you know that Raveena Tandon had to take injections after shooting this song. The reason behind this was recently revealed by the actress herself.

Remember yesterday on the dance stage
Raveena Tandon recently took to the stage of a dance reality show, where she shared a trivia about the film and the song. In fact, while praising contestant Shivanshu on the stage of ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’, he said, ‘It’s a unique style for me. It is a sensual song and I was stunned to see it in this robotic style. This act is so amazing that I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You are a classical dancer but when you transformed into this robotic dance it was as if you became a completely different artist. After watching this, I don’t think anyone should attempt this song again, and I won’t even think of doing it after watching your beautiful performance.

Why do I have to have an injection?
Talking about the song, she waxed nostalgic and said, ‘We were shooting at a construction site, and I was barefoot, there were nails, which scratched me. I had to get a tetanus injection. And two days later I fell ill. for the rain.

Behind the glamor veils hide untold stories
The actress continued, ‘The glamor you see on screen hides the untold stories behind the scenes. Injuries during rehearsals are common, yet we all suffer from them. But the show must go on, be it on screen or on stage, one’s expression and smile should never diminish despite suffering. These are the struggles that all actors and choreographers endure behind the scenes.

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