SBI’s Amazing Mutual Fund, Rs. 5000 invested Rs. 49 lakhs turns into.

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A scheme of SBI Mutual Fund has given tremendous returns. This scheme is SBI Small Cap Fund. The scheme was launched on 9 September 2009 and is now 14 years old. If a person had invested Rs 5000 every month since the inception of this scheme, this would have now increased to Rs 49.44 lakh. In these 14 years, one has to invest a total of Rs 8.40 lakh in SBI Smallcap Fund at the rate of Rs 5000 per month.

41 lakh direct benefit
SBI Small Cap Fund has a total of Rs. 8.40 lakhs was to be invested and the money in the scheme increased to Rs. 49.44 lakh would have been. That means you would have directly benefited 41.04 lakh rupees. SB I The small cap fund has returned 22.85 percent CAGR in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP or Fixed Sum Investment Every Month). This has been said in a report by CNBC-TV18. The fund is managed by R Srinivasan, Chief Investment Officer-Equity since November 2013.

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If 10 lakhs had been invested together, now it would have been Rs 1.37 crores.
If a person during the NFO of the scheme makes a lump sum of Rs. 10 lakhs had been invested, now this money would be around Rs. 1.37 crore would have been. SBI Small Cap Fund’s Assets Under Management (AUM) is Rs. 20,000 crore has been reached. This scheme of SBI is one of the oldest small cap funds in the industry. Under this scheme, 65 percent of the assets are invested in small cap stocks.

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