Shikshamitra approaches Supreme Court against B.Ed degree holders, seeks exclusion of selectees from UP teacher recruitment

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After the Supreme Court on August 11 last month struck down the National Council for Teacher Education’s (NCTE) June 28, 2018 notification to include B.Ed degree holders in the recruitment of teachers for classes I to V, a fresh legal battle has begun. . Based on NCTE’s notification, Shikshamitra has filed a 304-page petition in the Supreme Court, seeking exclusion of option B.

Shikshamitro contends that he has cleared the Primary Level Teacher Eligibility Test (TET). He was among the 32629 candidates who scored 40/45 percent or more in the teacher recruitment exam held in 2019 for 69000 recruitment. But due to increase in the number of candidates in the teacher recruitment exam and cutoff, 69000 B.Ed degree holders could not get selected in the recruitment.

Now that NCTE’s notification has been rejected, the selection of B.Ed degree holders based on it has automatically become meaningless. Not only this, currently 69000 recruitment is going on and not all the seats are filled yet. A copy of the petition filed by Shikshamitra in the Supreme Court is going viral on social media.

Effect of exclusion of BEd from teacher recruitment, 3.36 lakh applications for admission to UP DElEd

45 thousand Shikshamitras have cleared TET
Shikshamitras claim that after the cancellation of adjustment of 1.37 lakh Shikshamitras on the post of assistant teachers in July 2017, a large number of Shikshamitras studied and cleared the TET. But due to separate examination for teacher recruitment, more than 45 thousand TET pass Shikshamitras could not become assistant teachers till date.

12 to 20 will be transferred
Prayagaraj Chief Correspondent. The pairing process for inter-district mutual transfer of council primary and upper primary school teachers will be done from September 12 to 20. The Secretary of Basic Education Council, Pratap Singh Baghel, has instructed all the Basic Education Officers on September 7 in this regard. Earlier, the BSA was instructed to upload the details of teachers who have or have not received the benefit of transfers, marital status, terminal illnesses, etc. by September 6. So far Ayodhya, Azamgarh, Ghaziabad, Jaunpur, Jhansi, Lucknow, Sambhal have not completed the process.

For inter-district mutual transfer, online applications were taken from council teachers on the NIC portal from July 10 to 24.

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